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2 days ago

First Baptist Church Saugus

We go live at 10:30am. Watch us here boxcast.tv/view/first-baptist-church-105-main-street-saugus-ma-177120 ...

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We will be studying the Book of James for Bible Study tomorrow night.

To my FBC family:

2019 has been an incredible year for our First Baptist Saugus family. God has blessed us in so many ways that there are no words to express….

As I reflect on 2019 and how the church has grown Spiritually and in numbers, I can’t help but look forward to 2020 and what God will do next.

Both Bible Study groups have produced not only good students, but teachers as well. It is so apparent that you have all been studying and in prayer to be able to rightfully divide the Word of Truth and for God to take you to new levels of spiritual understanding and wisdom. Each week I count my blessings to be among a church family who enjoys Bible Study and it challenges me to increase my study time so that I can answer the increasing number of challenging questions that are presented.

As I think about the preachers who spend the time that is needed to dig deeper; past the surface of reading, to studying with a zeal to understand more and more of God’s Word; I can’t help but smile. It is such a blessing to send you out to the various churches to fill pulpits, knowing that you are trained up, prayed up, and willingly go with the purpose to serve, with the very best that you can present to His people with the Help of the Lord.

Then my thoughts go toward the Trustees, who are the very best at what they do; I feel even more blessed. Words cannot express how appreciative I am to know that you are always there to take care of the building, grounds, and legal issues for the Church. You are there when no one else is to make sure everything, down to the last detail, is ready so that the church is ready to open each Sunday. I am forever grateful.

To the Choir and Praise Team, you are such a blessing. You help to usher in the Spirit of the Lord and make ready for the Preached Word, and you do it without complaint. I appreciate you so much! You go out with me every time I am called to preach, and I thank you. When I call, your answer is always yes Pastor. Thank you so much.

To the Minister of Music…words cannot describe how much I appreciate you. You are not just the Minister of Music, but you are a preacher, you visit the sick, you support me in every way and for that I thank you. You are so creative and such a blessing to FBC.

To the Ushers; the eyes and ears of the Church…I appreciate you so much! I love the fact that I never have to worry about anything being out of order because I already know the sanctuary is all set, the pulpit is ready, and the people are safe. Thank you for all that you do! Thank you for not complaining when people act up and for keeping the love of God in your hearts.

To the Diaconate; because of you, I can concentrate on preaching and teaching the Word of God. Because of you, I have the freedom to do what I am called to do. You take care of the needs of the congregation both in church and out of church. Thank you for always keeping me informed about what is going on and letting me know where I need to go when someone needs me. Thank you for fielding the calls, the concerns, and the daily challenges...

To the Mothers and Fathers: You are the wisdom and examples of the church. Thank you for praying for me more than I pray for myself. Thank you for showing me that retirement is not an option when it comes to serving the Lord. Thank you for letting me know that as long as there is breath in my lungs, I must do all I can, while I can, to serve the Lord.
To the various ministries; you bless me so… Your support of the church, both inside and when we go out, is a blessing to me. I love that you understand that ministry is about giving back to His house and supporting the Cause of Kingdom.
To the Pastors Assistants; you take such good care of me and First Lady. We really appreciate your concern for us. I love how you look after my wife and ensure that she has what she needs. I love how you will speak up when you think I need to take a break or monitor my zeal and not let it cause me to over do it. You are the best!

To my church family; you make me a better Pastor, person, teacher and brother in Christ! I love that I never have to worry about going out to Preach alone. Always, I look up and there you are. I feel your prayers. I thank you for loving me enough to have patience with me as I grow in who God has called me to be. I thank you for not giving me a hard time. I thank you for following the God in me and trusting that I am being led by the Spirit of the living God. I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve along side you. I thank you for not feeling as if you can’t talk to me or reach out to me. I thank you for understanding when I make mistakes and praying for me instead of tearing me down. And I thank you for the love you show my family. You are all such a blessing to me!

As you know, I believe that if our church building was gone tomorrow and no one missed you, then you would have missed the point. I don’t believe you have missed the point. This year, with the help of God, you have truly been a blessing to the community and beyond: Serving faithfully at my Brother’s Table, serving at Food Banks, participating in Computer classes, taking classes such as Adobe Premiere, Budgeting, Life Insurance, Mission’s in St Vincent, singing in the community, fellowshipping, and striving to do all we can, while we can for Kingdom building. I know you got tired every now and then and perhaps might have thought I was a little crazy, but you didn’t stop, you hung in there and now we look to the future to make more of an impact on our community and beyond in 2020.

Our 2019 theme, “Striving to Show Our Faith in God, Through Our Works” (James 2:14-16) dealt with addressing the physical needs of our brothers and sisters. Now, as we prepare to turn the page on another year, let us look forward to 2020 with the Theme: “Spiritual Renewal” (Isaiah 40:30).

FBC I love you and look forward to serving with you in the next step of our journey together.

Reverend Leroy Mahoney
Senior Servant at FBC Saugus

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