Rachel Grace

My Miracle Rachel Grace

by Jennifer B | December 2, 2017

Five years ago my husband and I talked about starting a family. As we began the process of trying, nothing was happening. So, I went to see the doctor and she told me I had fibroids but that was not why I wasn’t conceiving. She suggested that I try a drug called Chlomid, which would help me with ovulation. I did two rounds of it and still, nothing.

I begin to think that I was never going to have a child. But I just knew that if it was Gods will, He would make it happen.

The doctor sent us to a fertility specialist. Once there, we spoke about the steps we would be taking to get to the bottom of what could be happening.

We started with a lot of blood work and it all came back fine. Then, they tested to see if my tubes were open and found that one of my tubes was blocked and the other was slightly open. Additionally, my egg supply was very low and I had to get started now because time was running out.

The doctor told me that I would not be able to conceive on my own and I would need medical intervention. She said there was a procedure they could do that would help me get pregnant. The procedure was called Mini Embryo Transfer. I said I would have to think about it and I would let her know.

When I left there, I went to my car and cried. I cried and I cried… My heart’s desire was to have a baby. So, I said, “Lord please, I am going to give You a year and if it doesn’t happen I will try the fertility option. Then, I didn’t think about it anymore. All of this took place in 2011.

Then on May 9th I remember not feeling well and I just thought that I was under the weather and blew it off. The next day was our anniversary. We drove to Maine and went out to dinner. After dinner I was so sick I didn’t want to go anywhere.

I started feeling a little better over the weekend and, on Monday, we headed home. I thought all was well because I felt better. On Tuesday, I went to work and started feeling sick again. I began to diagnose myself and came up with all kinds of illnesses.

When I was heading home a voice said to me, “Buy a pregnancy test.” I was hesitant because I just didn’t believe that was it. But, I bought a test, went home, took the test and, low and behold, I was pregnant!

I couldn’t believe it! I went and bought more tests and they were all positive. Then I called my husband and told him I have something to tell him. When he got home I put all of the tests in his hands. When he opened his eyes he said, “Whose are these?” I said, “They’re mine.” We were both in shock but I just knew God had done it! He had performed a miracle in my life! When we found out, I was 5 weeks pregnant. I lost the baby at 8 weeks.

I was extremely sad. I just didn’t understand why I was given this gift and then it was taken away just as fast. I was very sad for a long time and before you know it, I was pregnant again! This time I made it to 17 weeks but I guess, it just was not my time. I lost the baby five days before Christmas. It broke my heart into pieces. I thought I would never recover. I couldn’t feel anything because I needed to know why but there were no answers. Some things just happen in our lives but, I can tell you, there is always hope that greater is coming.

I was angry for a long time. I didn’t know what direction I was going to take and I prayed to God to give me a “STRONG” finish in 2014.

Going into 2014, Ii was hurt, I was confused, I was disappointed and I felt like I was knocked out. The beginning of the year was tough but God really saw me through. I started to go to First Baptist Church (FBC) in Saugus where my friend, Rev. Leroy Mahoney had become pastor. I believe that FBC is where God wanted me to be because He was making preparation for what I was about to go through.

I found out I was pregnant again in April 2014. It was both good and bad news because all of the losses I had suffered came back to the surface and with it, doubt. I prayed to God and said whatever will be, will be.

I started seeing my doctor but I knew that I would need to see a high risk doctor. My doctor told me that he would put the Cerlcage in at 14 weeks. The Cerclage is a method used to hold the cervix in-tact. A friend recommended a high risk doctor and I set up an appointment. We met with the doctor and she told us some options and recommended that I have a ultrasound done weekly to follow my progress or non-progress. The plan was to take a drug called Progesterone, which would keep me from miscarrying.

At 14 weeks my doctor put my Cerclage in and everything was great! I started my weekly ultrasound and things were going really well.

At 16 weeks my cervix started to shorten but all was well.

At 19 weeks I went in to get the anatomy scan of the baby to make sure all was well. The technician did all the testing and everything looked good. Then the doctor came in and told us the baby had a two-blood cord vessel instead of three and could have some deformities or significant health problems. They recommended that we take some tests to make sure. They recommended some tests but we didn’t take them because we knew agreed that whatever God blessed us with would be what we were meant to have.

She then said that my cervix was really short and it didn’t look good. It was very sad to hear but I knew that my God was able to do all things but fail. I was put on bed rest from that day on.

Each week after that, we went in and were told that we would lose the baby. They said it would happen quickly. And every week we went in God said, “It’s not over.”

At 21 weeks the doctor met with us and told us there is nothing more they could do. They said they could give us pills to get rid of the baby if we didn’t want to wait. In my mind, I knew my God was a God of the impossible and I knew I had to pray and trust that He would work this out.
I would always update my pastor and ask for prayer and encouragement and he would always say to me, “You have done the possible, let God do the impossible.” And all of my friends would pray and send encouraging words. It was a very intense time but I knew only God could do the impossible.

At 23 weeks we went back to the doctors. When they checked I had no cervix left. They checked me into the hospital where I stayed until the baby came. I have to say i cried and I was a lil scared but I know my God was all over it. They gave me steroids for her lungs and checked me into the room. The NICU came down and spoke with us and told us what our odds was, we listened to all the info and it was a lot and her chances was 17percent at that point but I trusted God that he would take to the point where she would have the best chance. Our God came through he took us right to 24wks where she had a 50-70 percent. God i thank you because I just knew that you had a plan even when it look scary and the doctors kept saying that she will not make despite the percentage. On August 26th 2014 at 7am i woke up went tot the bathroom and saw blood i was not to scared but when it happened the second time i got a lil worried. My sis called the nurse and i texted my husband and told him to come to the hospital just in case. The nurse came i told her what was happening and she put me on the monitor to see if i was contracting and everything was good until the last few mins i had a contraction didn’t feel a thing. A lady came and did an ultrasound and the baby was breeched but i was contracting. The doctors came in checked me and told me that i was going to have the baby at some point today. They rushed me up to labor and delivery. everything was happening so fast i could not believe it. I just kept saying God please give me the grace and strength to get through this whatever the outcome. A lot of people kept coming in talking half of the things i just couldn’t understand. My husband got there we had a meeting and I was magnesium for her brain. I was told how everything was going to go and just prayed. NICU came and explained all that happened and all i can think of is look at my God took me all the way to where my girl has the best chance. God you are so good. I was taker to the operating room just incase they would need to do surgery. I was given the epidural and then it was time to start. They went to check the ultrasound and not only was the baby breeched the cord was down and having the cord come first was very dangerous for the baby. I was taken back to my room and had to wait for them to have meetings to figure out what to do. I was there and I prayed God what should I do and it was so plain what i should and that was a C-section to give her the best chance. They came in and said the best chance was surgery and they took me in and got me set up and my daughter Rachel Grace Beasley was born on August 26th 2014 at 3:40pm she was 1lb 7oz ad 12.5′. I did not hear her, didn’t even know when she came out. I asked my husband to go check but there was so many people around he could not see anything. The NICU doctor came over and told me you have a beautiful baby girl and she was doing great. I started crying and thanking my God because I knew it was all him and his mercies why she was there. All the way up to the surgery the doctors said that she would not make it but my God did the impossible thank you Lord. So my pregnancy journey ended and it was a tough road but there was a few scriptures that got me through times when i felt down psalm 30:5, Nehemiah 8:10, Isaiah 41:10. 2Timothy 1:7 and many more but these i repeated a lot. My God is truly amazing it was nothing special that I did but he saw fit to grant me the desires of my heart. I want say things don’t alway turn out the way we feel it should be but I can promise you that God alway do it on time and the way it suppose to be. I encourage anyone reading this thats going through any situation that you think is impossible that not is impossible with God. Remember you can do the possible but hold on because God will do the impossible. I can tell you if he came through for me He will and can come through for you.
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