From August 9-11, 2019 The First Baptist Church (FBC) in Saugus celebrated our Pastor, Rev. Leroy Mahoney and First Lady, Deaconess Natavia Mahoney. The Committee consisted of all of our Pastor’s Assistants (Sis. Sonia Simmonds, President, Min. Maria Barron, Min. Robyn Mars, Sis. Rebekah Suggs, Sis. Jennifer Beasley, Sis. Veta Gavin, Mother Enid Charlton, Sis. Felicia Small) with all FBC members helping out wherever they were needed.

The celebration began on Friday, August 9th with a Musical Celebration. Min. Maria Barron took us through the service. Sis. Aleah Floyd from the Third Baptist Church in Lawrence paid tribute with a beautiful liturgical dance, the FBC Choir sang, along with brothers and sisters from the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Malden, our own Sis. Katherine Conners, Zion Baptist Church Men’s Choir, and the United Baptist Convention Choir led by Bro. Eric Edmunds. What a time, what a time, what a time!

On Saturday, August 10th, we celebrated our First Lady, Natavia Mahoney with a brunch. We were led through the service by Min. Maria Barron, along with some wonderful selections by Sis. Adele Simonelli of the Third Baptist Church in Lawrence, MA.  Then the Lord sent a Word from on high in the form of Min. Adrianne Floyd, First Lady of the Third Baptist Church. 

The festivities culminated on Sunday August 11th. Rev. Dr. Lewis E. Floyd, Pastor of the Third Baptist started us off in our morning service with a Word entitled, “The Gifts of Christ to His Church,” Ephesians 4:7-12. At our 3:00pm Anniversary Service Rev. Floyd served as Worship Leader. Min. Erica Wilder from Timothy Baptist Church, blessed us with a wonderful liturgical dance followed by our FBC Choir and the Timothy Baptist Church Choir. Rev. Dr. Larry Green, Sr., Pastor of the Timothy Baptist Church in Roxbury, MA, brought the Word using our theme, “Led by Faith Under His Grace” Ephesians 4:7. The evening culminated with a wonderful dinner in the Rev. Isaac Mitchell, Jr. Fellowship Hall with great food, fun, family and fellowship.

The Spirit stayed with us during this time of celebration.